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Online Course

Join us live (Thea & Dom Muir),

Every Tuesday night, for 12 weeks, starting the 5th of October 2021 from 19:00 till 21:00pm BST

For the start of a mind-blowing journey of of freedom and transformation. Learn how to step into your true identity and become the fullest and freest version of who God made you to be.

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We have both been on painful, yet redemptive, journeys to discover our true identity in Christ and in the process have developed a passion for seeing others become the fullest and freest version of who God made you to be. This live, online course is the culmination of our heart journey with the Lord, and is based upon 12 biblical declarations (see below), unpacked and imparted each week to help you build core strength in the area of your identity. 

Each weekly, 2 hour session will include worship, testimonies, teaching, discussion & declaration practice:

Week 1: I Am Outrageously Loved

Week 2: I Am God's Very Good Idea

Week 3: I Am God's Masterpiece

Week 4: I Am A New Creation

Week 5: I Am Not Alone

Week 6: I Am Righteous In Christ

Week 7: I Am Free from Me

Week 8: I am Unashamed

Week 9: I am An Overcomer

Week 10: I Am Pleasing To My Heavenly Father

Week 11: I Am A Child Of God

Week 12: I Am Being Transformed By The Renewing Of My Mind

Sessions are run as a live webinar, with interactive chat facility. You can choose to be fully interact with us, or have your camera and microphone switched off and just watch as the journey unfolds.

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What Others Say...

There is a clear connection between declarations and the release of power. With I Am So Many Things, Thea and Dominic have created something that is fun, beautiful, but also full of weighty truths. Let these declarations wash over you, confirming your royal identity in Christ!

- Bill Johnson (Bethel Church, Redding, CA)

So many people feel that the pains, pleasures and pressures of life have turned them into someone very different from who they are meant to be. So I’m delighted to welcome this wise, helpful and biblical course from my friends, Thea and Dom on finding your true identity. May it help set you free to be the truly authentic person you can be in Jesus Christ!

- J.John (Revd Canon)

I am doing the course with my 12 and 13 year olds and I cannot believe the revelations that I personally am receiving about lies I have believed all of my life and am equally surprised by what my teenagers are learning about themselves. Declaring His truth over ourselves has been truly liberating and is now becoming a way of life that I hope my children will practise all of their lives - Thank You!

Dear Thea - I'm 62, and have for most of my life had a very negative image of myself. Through your wonderful work I realise that I have been believing the lies of the enemy all this time, and with Jesus's help, am going to start declaring over me what He says about me, my right standing with God through Him, and EVEN at 62, start to become all He has made me to be, and do all that He has lined up for me, in the power of the Holy Spirit.


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Online Course Format

  • 1 x True Identity Course Book & 1 x True Identity Notebook 

  • 12 live, online, 2 hour sessions run by Thea & Dom

  • Includes worship, testimonies, teaching, discussion & declaration practice

  • Starts online Tuesday 5th October, 2021 - From 7-9pm

  • Runs for 12 weeks, last session Tuesday 21st December

  • Sessions are run as a live webinar with interactive chat facility

  • Please be aware that we will try to respond to questions and comments in the sessions, but if there are a large number of questions, we may need to respond to you by email after the session finishes to keep things moving

  • Limited places available

  • Please note you are buying access to 12 live Webinars over 12 weeks, from Tuesday 5th October to Tuesday 21st December 2021

  • We'd really like to encourage you to join us on this journey, where you will come to understand that you are outrageously loved, pleasing to God, righteous in Christ, enough as you are, fearfully and wonderfully made...and so much more! As you embrace these truths, watch how they impact every area of your life.